Can Not Get Rid Of Shiftkey In Nsmenuitem Modifier Mask

Usually menu items are disabled because they're not connected to anything. My guess is your menu items have the wrong target. You have commented out code where. Controlclick a bookmarks folder then choose Open in New Tabs. Each bookmark in the folder opens in a new tab. To open the bookmarks sidebar click the Sidebar.

While there I've wrapped some overly long lines in the vicinity as well. Does this need uireview too or is it simple enough for a single review? Assignee:.

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This file is part of GNU Emacs. GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify. it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as.

This value must not be nil if there is no key equivalent specify an empty NSString. Return Value. An instance of NSMenuItem. Discussion. For instances of. Does your app have a Find submenu of the Edit menu? CommandE is the systemwide conventional key equivalent for the Use Selection for Find menu item. The.

Does your app have a Find submenu of the Edit menu? CommandE is the systemwide conventional key equivalent for the Use Selection for Find menu item. The.

technology that Apple is trying out today but might soon discard; it is a mature and shortcuts with which even experienced Cocoa programmers may not be.

Change what the listed shortcuts for opening links do. When a new tab or window opens make it active. New tabs or windows open in front of the one you'.

How to get multiple windows to perform the same menu item action? View in NSMenu not clickable Can not get rid of ShiftKey in NSMenuItem Modifier Mask.

Shortcut Question: Leader for Tags. March 15 2020 12:22 PM. Any way to setup a hotkey for the Leader check mark for tags? I can't find anything online.

Learn osx See Apple's Documentation here:

The original patch is here: lisp/cusstart.el | 1 +. src/nsmenu.m | 2 +. src/nsterm.h | 11 +++.

Alternates' shift key mask can't be different FWIW. we just have to make sure that the normal items have their modifier mask cleared since menu items.

The contextual nsmenuitem isn't enabled for the contextual menu for the menubar. Why is the contextual menu items not enabled? Any tips. AppKit Up.

GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify. it under the terms of the GNU General #include nsterm.h case 'M': c READCHAR;.

At the top right tap More Organize and then New tab. When you swipe up on the address bar or open a new tab you'll see websites you visit often.

I have a NSMenuItem in my project: var statusBar NSStatusBar.systemStatusBarvar statusItem : NSStatusItem NSStatusItemvar menuItem : NSMenuItem.

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We will avoid connecting menu items to actions in the AppDelegate class so just close the Assistant editor. Now open the ViewController.swift.

NSShiftKeyMask is a valid modifier for any key equivalent in mask. For example CommandShiftc and CommandC are considered to be identical key.

emacs/src/nsfns.m GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify. it under the terms of the GNU General #include nsterm.h.

and changed nsterm.m nsfns.m nsfont.m nsterm.h nsmenu.m src/ macos.texi README emacs.c font.c keyboard.c.

Question tags are short questions at the end of statements. They are mainly used in speech when we want to: confirm that something is true.

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The bookmarks on the bookmark toolbar no longer open in a new tab but in an already open tab. I have checked the open new windows in a new.

@IBOutlet weak var mainMenu: NSMenu! OK that gave me a way to talk with the menu from across my application. Given how much everyone talks.

Code/github/csevents git master brew install v emacs cocoa srgb HEAD patching file src/nsterm.m. Hunk #1 succeeded at 758 offset 72 lines.

Rules of Question Tags in English Grammar The sentence and the question tag must be in the same tense. For negative question tag use the.

People who are directly navigating from existing pages to bookmarks no longer have to clean up their old tabs; anyone who is used to the.

Is there a way to open it at a specified bookmark ? requested: [Bug 333765] Opening a bookmark in a new tab no longer works when pushing.

xterm256color is not good for GNOME Terminal 3.18.3 thought it won't solve this. Have you tried with neovimqt ? the problem most likely.

Can the Canvas team fix this? When adding new questions to a quiz the new question tag is at the bottom. But for Quiz banks you have to.

No this does not work. numberOfItems in NSMenu also gives me 1 when i clearly see the TestMenu File items in the menubar. Lothar. Aug 8.

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You can only send a modifier key on it's own as one of the L/R some games need a delay and sometimes don't like too short a gap between.

You should have received a copy of this license along is not currently within the window or if the API doesn't support this. operation.

Your application will have the same modern elegant appearance as other Mac OS appear or users can't figure out how to use your product.

NSMenuItem keyEquivalent does not show up I am making an NSMenuItem like this: I want it to show the Export command in the menu with E.

I have two menu items shown in a row in a context menu. If item 2 the alt item is hidden it would not show up when holding down option.

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Adding a Quit menu item to AppMenu.swift. If you are wondering why there are so many NSMenu's each NSMenu has an array of NSMenuItem's.

Swift. Makes macOS apps CLI tools npm packages. NSMenuItem is also slow at rendering custom views and got even more flashy in Catalina.

Right now I have a bind that starts with Capslock:: This works nicely in that shift+capslock and control+capslock and alt+capslock and.

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Bonjeff/MainMenu.swift at master lapcat/Bonjeff. submenu NSMenutitle:NSLocalizedStringEdit comment:Edit menu. populateEditMenusubmenu.

The above remapping works as expected and is insensitive to those modifiers shiftF6 sends shift6 event same with ctrl alt and without.

Keys such as Alt Ctrl Shift are global keys. Send {F4} autoreleases all held down modifiers to produce a single F4 keystroke. post an.

No Apple dealer agent or employee is authorized to make any modification extension or addition to this warranty. Some states do not.

TODO: This should really be a threadlocal variable to avoid that Convert modifiers in a NeXTstep event to emacs style modifiers. /.

I didn't even know keyboard shortcuts existed until the new nav bar I don't look at the questions without my favorite tags anyways.

Setting a Menu Item's Key Equivalent. You can assign a keyboard equivalent to an NSMenuItem instance so that when the user types a.

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the menu bar is visible. action: Selector? keyEquivalent: String at: Int NSMenuItem.

What's here looks OK but AHK does not directly support threekey hotkeys aside from modifiers so use them in combination with other.

Hotkey even if shift/ctrl/alt is pushed posted in Ask for Help: I will make one script for each modifier but I think it's possible.

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Open a new tab. At the bottom right click Customize. Click Shortcuts. Chrome browser settings window showing the Shortcuts dialog.

Your key equivalent is h lowercap. let showHomeMenuItem NSMenuItemtitle: Show Home action:#selectorshowHome keyEquivalent: h. Is.

TLDR: Change bShiftFalse to bShiftTrue to make Shift into a HotKey Also in the Options Menu my Whistle: All Passive does not.

I cannot reproduce the issue. Can you think of anything unique about your system configuration or how you installed neovimqt?

I will post the macro in answer to my own question go give other users a visual. dahveed. Sep 16 '17 at 17:47. Add a comment.

addItemNSMenuItemtitle: End the Application action: #selectorNSApplication.terminate: keyEquivalent: menu }.

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I used to be able to add a tag using the CTRLT shortcut in RedNotebook 1.3 the keyboard shortcut seems to have gone away.

Emacs Plus formulae for the Homebrew package manager homebrewemacsplus/fixwindowrole.patch at master src/nsterm.m | 2 +.

Send {LWin up} ;Just change the hotkey in the braces to whatever 0 firstRun++ while getkeystateCtrl P || getkeystateAlt.

Emacs Plus formulae for the Homebrew package manager homebrewemacsplus/notitlebar.patch at master src/nsterm.m | 6 +.

emacsorigin/src/nsterm.m 20200213 13:51:26.000000000 +0900. emacs/src/nsterm.m 20200213 13:54:57.000000000 +0900..

An enhanced inline patch for GNU Emacs nextstep. emacs/src/nsterm.m 20200218 16:01:51.000000000 +0900.. 64876492.

And when I press commandplus it shows up as commandequals. Does anyone know how I can get around this? Share.

This addon needs to: Read and modify browser settings. More information. Version: 0.1; Size.

NSMenuItem Can not get rid of ShiftKey in NSMenuItem Modifier Mask. 20170405 16:56:56.

update action aboutMenuItem.action Selectorabout. and add aboutMenuItem.enabled true.

Language: Swift; ObjectiveC. API Changes: Show. Class.

Swift 1.2NSDocument NSMenuItem

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