Excbadaccess When An Nsmenuitem'S Target/Selector Is ...

This function is in the same controller class file and I've included the function definition below. Am I just calling the wrong selector syntax or someting? Or. Open the target action. Select and copy the action name text that is displayed in the page header. If the action you want to call uses a session variable.

ObjectiveC was the standard programming language supported by Apple for developing macOS which descended from NeXTSTEP and iOS applications using their.

Too many iOS developers mistake NSView for being identical to UIView we'll use the NSControl target/action mechanism to send our action to our target. However if you do need to use Cocoa classes within the main function itself other than to load nib files or to instantiate NSApplication you should.

loadNibNamed calls required init?coder aDecoder:NSCoder which then calls commonInit again. Infinite loop and EXCBADACCESS. same as everybody else.

I am using this code now but I am getting EXCBADACCESS on the line InstallControlEventHandler. voidapplicationDidFinishLaunching:NSNotification . I am using this code now but I am getting EXCBADACCESS on the line InstallControlEventHandler. voidapplicationDidFinishLaunching:NSNotification .

I have a NSMenuItem in my project: var statusBar NSStatusBar.systemStatusBarvar statusItem : NSStatusItem NSStatusItemvar menuItem : NSMenuItem.

I am using xcode 10 beta6 and migrated swift code to swift 4.2 now I have problem to override func validateMenuItem menuItem: NSMenuItem Bool {.

Crossplatform MVVM in Swift. Contribute to dropbox/pilot pilot/UI/Source/AppKitExtensions/NSMenu+Action.swift The receiver can call NSMenuItem.

I'm abstracting the NSMenuItem using this class: class MenuItem{ let title: String let iconName: String let action: Action inittitle: String.

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10386395 the FTP export method and thus triggering the plugin code Aperture crashes with a EXCBADACCESS.

If you need to remove any menu or menu item from the app's user interface you can use the RemoveItemAt method of the NSMenu class simply by.

Exception Type: EXCBADACCESS SIGSEGV Exception Codes: is OFF Performing @selectoraexportPlugIn: from sender NSMenuItem 0x111d2a540 Thread 0.

DevExpress Support Team: CLONED FROM Q477436: Null reference exception when a popup menu is opened] Hi Alexander Not exactly the same code.

@IBOutlet weak var mainMenu: NSMenu! OK that gave me a way to talk with the menu from across my application. Given how much everyone talks.

class TextFieldWithClosure: UITextField { var targetAction: Void? { didSet { self.addTargetself action: #selectorself.targetSelector for:.

CodeRoad.in : [col setMinWidth:10. cara CGEventTap saya dapat mencegat tombol media F7 F9 dalam aplikasi saya dan mencegah halhal seperti.

I solved it by having a strong reference to that array. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51722778/excbadaccesswhenannsmenuitemstarget.

Goals Writing to realm db Expected Results Successful write Actual Results App crashes: Exception Type: EXCBADACCESS SIGSEGV Exception.

Adding a Quit menu item to AppMenu.swift. If you are wondering why there are so many NSMenu's each NSMenu has an array of NSMenuItem's.

[Crash] EXCBADACCESS in bsgkscrashstateionIntegerElement on Bugsnag startup attempting to load persistent state of crash context #218.

Bonjeff/MainMenu.swift at master lapcat/Bonjeff. submenu NSMenutitle:NSLocalizedStringEdit comment:Edit menu. populateEditMenusubmenu.

1. Let's start by providing a stack trace. Do this before the line you gave NSLog@%idata.length; I suspect the answer will be 0. The.

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the reconstruction of the codeblock B from its first q quality layers: and it defines the target action on these filtered packets.

The application end with an EXCBADACCESS code1 address0x40dedeadbec0 after deleting an nsoutlineview row via an nsmenuitem action.

I'm getting a lot of different sc crashes all of them EXCBADACCESS SIGSEGV. a 32/64bit issue stack overflow or something like it.

I'm getting EXCBADACCESS KERNINVALIDADDRESS when modifying a table view's data source from an NSNotificationCenter observer call.

To spill the beans I've got an NSMenu that contains a list of subjects based on the. but I get an EXCBADACCESS error every time.

. com.apple.mainthread Exception Type: EXCBADACCESS SIGSEGV Exception @selectorrunPlugin: from sender NSMenuItem 0x600009b2fde0.

Note: This tutorial assumes you're familiar with Swift and macOS. The printQuote: action is the method you already defined in.

EXCBADACCESS when an NSMenuItem's target/selector is set to an object swift macos nsmenu nsmenuitem Aug 7 '18 at 9:23 Sid Go.

static func getMenuitems: [MenuItem] NSMenu{ let m NSMenu for x in items{ let item NSMenuItem item.title x.title item.target.

static func getMenuitems: [MenuItem] NSMenu{ let m NSMenu for x in items{ let item NSMenuItem item.title x.title item.target.

TypeName; WriteLine; using CodeBlock { #region Constants if r.Constants.Count 0 using RegionConstants foreach var p in r.

Infer Transient lift C#/MVC RedirectToAction CodeRoad Access fragment parameter value in target Action Stack Overflow.

addItemNSMenuItemtitle: Show All action: #selectorNSApplication.unhideAllApplications: keyEquivalent: appMenu.submenu?

Anyway I'm getting this error specifically Thread 1: EXCBADACCESS code1 address0x40 and I have no idea how to fix it.

Exception Type: EXCBADACCESS SIGBUS Exception Codes: 0x00000000 at 0x0000000105e1f32c Crashed Thread: 8. stack here

EXCBADACCESS hard crash on MacOS Targets macOS AppKit 0x928ab7dd [NSMenuItem corePerformAction] + 479 40 com.apple.

: + iditemWithTitle:NSString title target:idtarget action:SELaction { self [[self alloc].

update action aboutMenuItem.action Selectorabout. and add aboutMenuItem.enabled true.

objectivec cocoa macos nsmenu nsmenuitem EXCBADACCESS InstallControlEventHandler

printfDEBUG: Current state of menu item is ; [nsMenuItem isEnabled] ? printf.

swift NSMenuItem/EXCBADACCESS. swift macos nsmenu nsmenuitem. NSMenuItem

Language: Swift; ObjectiveC. API Changes: Show. Class.

Language: Swift; ObjectiveC. API Changes: Show. Class.

: @selector ObjectiveC? : id block [{NSLog@Hello.

setView: NSMenuItem EXCBADACCESS .

Swift 1.2NSDocument NSMenuItem

1 / ? .

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