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Every time a user is muted in your server Dyno will set up all permissions for the Muted role in all of your channels and categories if it has the permissions. Can I get user role on specific discord server by his user id ? How do I make my bot commands SPACE insenstive discord. !slowmode enables slow mode with the.

I have a mute role set up in my server but when using the mute command from dyno it assigns a different role. We have many channels and it took me an hour.

Mute command. Assigns the mute role for a temporary duration. You can enable to bot to set up the permissions for the mute role but you will still have to. yes this would make it so much easier to mute people in servers as atm you have to remove all there roles to mute them if your mute role makes it so they.

Make sure that your mutes module is enabled before configuring the mutes module When you run this command you'll be given 2 mute type choices: role and.

This will log a moderation action. You can also add an optional reason and time limit. Dyno will automatically create his own Muted role in your server. Mod log that logs all moderation actions. Generation of a message log for all mod action. For example: if you use the ban command the bot will also log.

Automatic Moderator. YAGPDB has a very configurable automoderator for each rule you can set automoderator to mute kick or ban after a certain number of.

Kick and ban commands. You can use the default message or create your own. If you have any roles that conflict with the mute role you can select roles.

But whenever I use ?mute Dyno changes the permissions for that specific pretty sure that if I turn off the administrator permissions on the Dyno role.

To make a mute command you have to give a mute role to the player and then with a. Alternatively you can use: mute to automatically mute the user in.

To do this use the mutedrole create command. This will create a role in your server called Muted and sets the permissions for Send Messages and Add.

Hi there We have server and we just added Dyno. we set up it and we ran to talk in a certain channel that perm will override the mute role and will.

Checks if there is a muted role on the server and creates one if there isn't. async def mutectx user reason:. role discord.utils.getctx.guild.roles.

With the ?mute command you can mute a member so they cannot type in your channels. Dyno will automatically create his own Muted role in your server.

To do this use the mutedrole create command. This will create a role in your server called Muted and sets the permissions for Send Messages and Add.

Subject to permissions being set up correctly. Format: [prefix]mute [user] Once the command has been run the Muted role will be applied to the user.

You can create pull requests to make this code better. This code is taken from a private bot for a single server thus the code contains some stuff

A muted role is a role that is given to a user when they're muted and removed when the mute ends. The command to do so is /bot role setmuted role .

Hey guys the mute role with Dyno has probably been the most frustrating I got the mute to work on messages but people who have the muted role can.

Help? r/Dynodiscord Can't mute people with member role even though matter if you have perms denied with other roles you'll still have it anyway.

Hi i'm a moderator of a server and I did my moderation command with Dyno and I really want to given automatically a muted role when somebody is

Example 1: unmute @client.commanddescriptionUnmutes a specified user. @commands.haspermissionsmanagemessagesTrue async def unmutectx.

I have a friend who spams my discord server a lot so I want to make 2 custom commands to mute and unmute him. I made a role called 'Muted' that

This happens when another role is overriding the muted role's permissions. To fix this head to your channel permissions and set Send Messages.

repo:github\.com/botlabsgg/yagpdb moderation: extend relief more14 days ago moderation: extend duration of startup preasure relief14 days ago.

@commands.haspermissionsmanagemessagesTrue async def unmutectx member: discord.Member: mutedRole discord.utils.getctx.guild.roles nameMuted.

For example the permission value 123 will be serialized as 123. In API v6 the permissions allow and deny fields in roles and overwrites are.

func m ModlogAction String string func m MuteModel TableName string func TopWarnsguildID int64 offset limit int []WarnRankEntry error func .

Need help with Dyno's mute role. So i am a Moderator on a discord server and we wanted to add a special Muted Channel for Members who have.

I was testing out the Dyno bot after adding it to one of my Discord I used the mute command to mute another account of mine and then the.

I basically need the command to Mute them + Role them for access to the stuff to dyno from Mee6 and this is the one issue that we have. package moderation. import. Moderation plugin for YAGPDB. Moderation has tons of features such as bans timed bans warns kicks & mutes!

client.commanddescriptionMutes the specified user. @commands.haspermissionsmanagemessagesTrue async def mutectx member: discord.

Trying to setup muting and kicking for certain roles but it allows all of them even when I restrict the use to certain roles.

The command used for setting up the mutes module is for you to either say role or clean depending on what mute type.

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