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Right now there is no way to move a transaction from one account to another.I just need a way to give them a context menu when they right click on the. I got a Windows Forms project in C# with a NotifyIcon. have found a ton of people looking for the solution that I have come up with on stack overflow.

Rightclick on your yourProject select Unload Project have found a ton of people looking for the solution that I have come up with on stack overflow.

Set the control's Icon property. 4. To hide the system tray icon when the form is minimised add an event handler for the form's Resize event: Code:. The icon performs 2 functions when the user singleclicks with the left button it should display a w. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7797661.

StackOverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5382029 You can create a context menu strip A Menu when you right click on it PS: If you do it.

To add a system tray entry create a QSystemTrayIcon object call setContextMenu to provide a context menu for the icon and call show to make it. Which format and size of icons to use for NotifyIcon at Stack Overflow. When you click one of the example's radio buttons the following code.

Examples. The following code example demonstrates using the NotifyIcon class to display an icon for an application in the notification area.

I saw a recent post by Damien van Robaeys on creating a system tray aka notification area app with a context menu and I was reminded of a.

You can define whether to show Popups on left right doubleclicks etc. The same goes for context menus. Simple data binding for Popups.

I want to programmatically add a context menu to my tray icon so that when I rightclick on the tray icon it should show me the menu.

Set the context menu of the tray icon System tray right click menu var trayMenuTemplate [ { label: ' Show / hide '// Set the name.

Now right clicking on the tray icon brings up the context menu. You can hide and show the form window using the two menu options.

DoubleClick]/' / /// devdoc /// Occurs when the user doubleclicks the icon in the system tray. /// /devdoc [SRCategorySR.

How can I detect if I right click on my NotifyIcon? I tried this but Button gets redmarked. private void noiClickobject.

To make it easy to access your application from the system tray the next thing we will add is a rightclick context menu.

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