Nsmenuitem Alternate Item With No Keyboard Shortcut

New in this prerelease of the 4.5 plugins: Added Menu.ItemAtIndex and Menu.Items functions. Fixed Menu.SelectedItem function for Windows. Changed Menu.AddItems. Monkeybread Software is one of the most respected names in the Xojo community and offers a variety of plugins. MBS Complete Plugin Set. 299. The MBS Complete.

So when two menu items claim the same key equivalent NSMenu will actually mediate between them to determine which one wins and the other menu item will not.

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MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin Create import and modify PDF files on Mac Windows and Linux. Includes PDF split and merge fonts embedding and text extraction. MBS Plugin Presentation for FileMaker DevCon 2018 For your FileMaker windows on MacOS you can change the toolbar menus to remove entries using Window.

But the first item is still shown and if I hold the option key down the alt item is still shown. This workaround works: voidmenuWillOpen:NSMenu menu.

And I'm developing a new one in Swift. I have some lines of code in AppDelegate to show a status menu NSMenu. And I see Command H in the status menu.

StatusItem's setMenu:newMenu end makeStatusBar on makeMenus newMenu's removeAllItems remove existing menu items set someListInstances to {Play/Pause.

To purchase just write Martin a private message at the Xojo Forum Tabs that overflow the available width may be accessed with an overflow popup menu.

[MBS] NSMenuItemMBS Cocoa and Lion 10.7.5 MBS Xojo Plugin Mailinglist archive app crash when selecting any of the menu items if compiling or running

The two relevant classes are NSMenu and NSMenuItem. When a user presses the hotkey associated with a menu item and there does not exist a browser.

A command item in an app menu. The NSMenuItem class includes some private functionality needed to The menu item's keyboard equivalent modifiers.

Most stuff on the web uses view tags to find items in menus. That's not my favorite solution for anything. menuNeedsUpdate wasn't called when I.

Previous MBS Xojo / Real Studio Plugins version 15.4pr6 Monkeybread Software releases version 15.4 of the MBS plugin for Xojo and Real Studio.

This is the PDF version of the documentation for the Xojo Real Studio Plugin from Monkeybread Software. Germany. Plugin part: MBS USB Plugin.

Cocoa key equivalents used by NSMenu and NSButton for example s. the undo stack when the app is programmatically setting the shortcut value.

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Populate submenu when NSMenu/NSMenuItem are moused over? objectivec macos cocoa nsmenu NSMenuItem alternate item with no keyboard shortcut.

Support for listening to key down not just key up. Swift Package Manager support. Connect a shortcut to an NSMenuItem. MASShortcut : More.

NSMenuItem alternate item with no keyboard shortcut macos appkit nsmenu nsmenuitem. I have a menu item that by default uses app state to.

NSMenuItem alternate item with no keyboard shortcut macos appkit nsmenu nsmenuitem. I have a menu item that by default uses app state to.

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method Cocoa Menus MBS MacBase Plugin 20.3 dim i as new NSMenuItemMBSh Function: Creates a new NSMenuItemMBS object for a given MenuItem.

The NSMenuItem class defines objects that are used as command items in menus. If there are two or more items with no key equivalent but.

On the Mac not sure about Windows when I have a menu pulled down I can press & release the option key and in many apps the menu changes.

API 2.0 is Xojo's latest attempt to make the framework consistent across all What about the Customer popup menu's that you've scattered.

Custom menu checkmarks. Did you know you can get custom checkmark icons with MBS Xojo Plugins on Mac by using NSMenuItemMBS class? Here.

void parsetableluaState L int idx NSMenu menu luanext pushed two things onto the stack the table item's key at 2 and its value at 1.

You may want to move it now so that it is not overlapping other objects. The View menu item contains a submenu NSMenu with its own.

If you have a question about using Xojo the forum is a great place to your favorite Xojo topics including: General Getting Started.

Adding a New Menu Bar and Assigning It to a Window Software began providing fixes updates and upgrades for REALbasic every 90 days.

Create the status item in the Menu bar self.statusBarItem NSStatusBar.system. Then instead of showing a NSMenu toggle the popover:

Shortcut key or hot key is called Key Equivalent in Mac development. Add 2 NSMenuItem they MUST be adjacent no other menu item.

func menuWillOpen menu: NSMenu { guard newWindowMenuItem.title ! keyEquivalentModifierMask.shift item.target appDelegate item.

Type Topic Plugin Version macOS Windows Linux iOS Targets. class Cocoa Menus MBS MacBase Plugin 7.2 Yes No No No Desktop only.

Option key has an alias Alternate key it is called so when Add 2 NSMenuItem they MUST be adjacent no other menu item.

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