Octopress: How To Insert A Logo As A Blog Title?

I'm searching for a blog platform or web framework to set up a blog/archive of personal code snippets so it should have syntax highlight and programming. I've been trying to load my octopress site based on jekyll to my local it to a local folder the css and js and background image links are broken.

When deploying an Octopress blog to GitHub Pages you compile the static files before pushing; when deploying a pure Jekyll blog to GitHub Pages.

You'll need the Gemfile in the root of the blog repository for building the Docker image later on. Existing octopress blog. The following steps. A lot of tech bloggers will write their blog posts in Markdown convert it to HTML and paste that HTML into their blog of choice and then in.

This gives us a page named 404.html in the source subdirectory underneath the Octopress root. It starts life as a blank Markdown page which.

Sure it is all hosted on GitHub and no content was lost but since the blog needs to be compiled on my machine before it is published there. I setuped an octopress blog for my github and now I want to add new posts. I need to add images to my posts which I tried doing like so:

I went from Grey Matter to Octopress to Ghost to a pure static site and I thought I'd stay that way. I thought we were done with change.

We use Nginx here at the Bigdinosaur.org compound and so this post will focus only on how to enable gzipping web font files with Nginx.

The exciting Hidden Object adventure game that started the 4 part. Farm Hero. A disaster has struck the farm! The flood has scattered.

After nine months on Octopress I've decided to move on. wanted a clean way to insert htmlformatted IPython notebooks into blog posts.

I've been wanting to modify Octopress's default layout for a few days and had time this afternoon to sit down and puzzle it out.

Bigdino Games play free online games. The home of the Raft Wars series and portal site with over 1000 great browser based games.

There are alternativesmy own blog uses Octopress a static site generator Ghost setup for yourselfit's at ghost.bigdinosaur.org.

We made the switch here at BigDino Central to allHTTPS a few weeks ago.bigdinosaur.org.chroniclesofgeorge.com and.bigsaur.us.

There are two ways around thisset up a reverseproxy to the Drobo FS from a web server that does support HTTPS or replace the.

Octopress is an awesome blogging framework built on top of Jekyll. This post will show you how to add a custom theme.

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