About Us

A Master of Barcode Reading & Generating in .NET, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, WinForms, Console Applications, .NET Core, etc. 12+ Years Experience in Barcode SDKs.

About BarcodeBC

BarcodeBC is a vendor of .NET and .NET Core development solutions. Starting from February 2010, we provide high-quality solutions for barcode reading and generating. The key developers of BarcodeBC have over 12 years of combined experience developing high-performance, high-quality .NET & .NET Core SDKs technology.

We're oriented toward long-term relationships and components support. We understand that it will take us to succeed in today's challenging technological business environment by listening to the needs of software developers, introducing innovative new products, and backing our products with a first-class support team.

BarcodeBC provides you with friendly and efficient support. We are committed to understanding your situation and helping you find the right solution.


Support highly accurate and fast barcodes scanning and recognition.


Generate high-quality barcode images in your applications.


Scan and read barcodes from images accurately in various .NET Core applications.


Encode and generate barcodes in your .NET Core applications.


Read and recognize barcodes from PDF documents at a fast speed.


Easy to generate barcodes on PDF document pages.