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How to Generate a QR Code that Specifies the UPI ID and Amount?

Here's an example code in C# that uses BarcodeBC.com .NET Barcode Generator to generate a QR Code that specifies the UPI ID and amount. You can also confirm whether the user has paid or not after scanning the QR Code.

How to Generate QR Codes that Store the Content of an HTML Page, and Show the Contents When Scanned?

This article illustrates how to generate a QR Code that stores the content of an HTML page and show different messages when the QR Code is scanned for the first and second time.

Which Is More Secure to Display an Encrypted QR Code for an App, on the Back End or the Front End?

Generating and displaying an encrypted QR Code on the back end provides an additional layer of security and reduces the risk of unauthorized access or tampering of the code content.

How to Create a Telegram Bot that Will Scan a QR Code and Send the Code Data to a Server?

On this page, you will learn how to create a Telegram bot that can scan a QR Code and send the data to a server, and then receive a confirmation message from the server.

How to Change the Intermediate Screen When the QR Code Is Scanned?

Tutorial for changing the intermediate screen when the QR Code is scanned. The user will open the app, install the app, or open details from the website. General steps and coding examples are provided.

How to Create QR Codes from Strings that Are Separated by Escape Key or Vbtab Key?

Creating QR Codes from strings that are separated by Escape Key or vbTab Key is not particularly complicated, as long as you have the right QR Code generator.

How to Create a QR Code of a vCard that Include URLs and E-mail Address with Different Labels?

By following these steps, you can create a QR Code of a vCard that includes URLs and email addresses with different labels, making it easy for others to quickly save and access your contact information.

How to Create a Booking System that Has the Booking Details Shown in a QR Code?

To create a booking system that includes a QR Code with the booking details, you can follow the steps in this tutorial. Microsoft booking system example is included for your reference, making it easy for customers to reference and for staff to manage the appointments.

How to Capture QR Code Data in a Specific Area AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer Using Swift?

To capture QR Code data in a specific area of AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer using Swift, you will need to use the AVFoundation framework. Here's a basic outline of the steps you can follow.

How to Create a QR Code Scanner Mobile App in Java That Will Start a New Activity After 15 Minutes by Scanning the QR Code?

To create a QR Code scanner mobile app in Java that starts a new activity after 15 minutes of scanning the QR Code, you will need to use the Camera API, the QR Code library to scan QR Codes, and a Timer to keep track of the 15-minute time limit.

How to Fix Quasar + Cordova Project QR Code Scanner Plugin Error During the Build?

The error message: no such file or directory, open 'C:\PROJECT_FOLDER\my-project\src-cordova\platforms\android\app\src\main\res\values\colors.xml' you are receiving is related to a missing colors.xml file in your Android project's resource directory. Here's how you can fix this issue.

Why Does Creating an Enrollment Token Give Back the Wrong QR Code?

Creating an enrollment token for an MFA (multi-factor authentication) solution usually involves generating a QR Code that users can scan to enroll their MFA device. If the QR Code generated by the enrollment token is incorrect or not working, there could be several reasons.

How to Make a Center Blur-Focused Screen on the QR Code Reading Screen?

To create a center blur-focused screen for your QR Code scanner, you can use CSS to apply a blur filter to the entire screen except for a small central area where the QR Code will be scanned.

How to Integrate Google Pay QR Code in Angular and PHP?

This tutorial shows how to integrate Google Pay QR Code in an Angular application and show both the QR Code and the pay button for payment with Google Pay and how to integrate Google Pay QR Code in a PHP application.

How to Decode a QR Code Using Python Libraries: Open CV and Pyzbar?

To decode a QR Code using Python, you can use Open CV and Pyzbar librariesy. The pyzbar library is a Python wrapper for the ZBar barcode library. The cv2.QRCodeDetector() class is a built-in QR Code detector provided by OpenCV.

How to Configure OpenAM QR Code Service Chain as an Identity Provider for Another Application?

OpenAM provides a QR Code service chain that can be used as an identity provider for other applications. Here are the steps to configure OpenAM QR Code service chain as an identity provider.

How to Invoke an Alert Dialog with Confirm to Redirect After Scanning a QR Code?

If you want to invoke an alert dialog with a confirm to redirect after scanning a QR Code in an Android or iOS app, you can follow this guide.

How to Prevent Duplicated Scanning of the Same QR Code in Django?

To prevent duplicated scanning of the same QR Code in Django, you can use a simple mechanism where you store the list of scanned QR Codes in a database and check against it before allowing a new scan.

How to Scan a QR Code from an Image in a Gallery Using the Xcodescanner Library in an Android App?

To scan a QR Code from an image in a gallery using the XCodeScanner library in an Android app, you can follow the steps below.

How to Detect QR Codes When Processing the Pixels of an Image?

If you need to detect QR Codes when processing the pixels of an image, you can use a .NET QR Code detection library. Here's a basic example of how to do it.

What Is QR Code's One-line Symbols Capacity?

The capacity of a QR Code's one-line symbols depends on the version and error correction level of the barcode. Each version of a QR Code has a different number of modules, which determines the maximum capacity of the code.

QR Code

To create a QR Code with fewer blocks, you can use a lower error correction level. Here's an example of how you can read a .txt file and generate a QR Code with the "Low" error correction level.

How to Create a Button that on Pressed Scan the QR Code and Displays It on the Alert Box and in a Text View?

This page shows how to create a button in Android that, when pressed, scans a QR Code using the device camera, displays the scanned QR Code in an alert box, and also displays it in a text view.

How to Add a QR Code to a Vue-Based PWA that Can Be Scanned by an NFC Reader?

This page tells how to add a QR Code to your Vue-based PWA that can be scanned by an NFC reader. You can follow the steps.

How to Generate a Specified Number of QR Codes with Different Tables Assigned?

You will learn how to generate a apecified number of QR Codes with different tables assigned, which is added to URL parameters. Python and C# example codes are provided.

How to Achieve Power Automate from an Excel > QR Code > Form > Mail?

Here's a general overview of how you can achieve this workflow using Power Automate. An example of how to implement the functionality described is provided.

How to Read and Encode the SKU Number Within a QR Code?

To read the SKU number within a QR Code or generate a generic barcode/QR Code with different SKUs, you can use a QR Code scanner app/library to scan and decode QR Codes and use a QR Code generator for batch barcode generation.

How to Generate a QR Code in Pentaho Report Designer?

You can generate a QR Code in Pentaho Report Designer by using a barcode component and selecting QR Code as the barcode type. Here are the steps to do so.

How to Scan QR Codes with a Device Camera on Windows Using the Fluent UI Library in Flutter?

To scan QR Codes with a device camera on Windows using the Fluent UI library in Flutter, you can use the camera and qr_code_scanner packages. Here are the general steps.

How to Generate QR Code with vCard Details and Import the Image from QR Code via vCard?

To generate a QR Code with vCard details, you can use a QR Code generator that supports vCard format. Click to see examples.

How to Write an App Script to Create a Label with a Name, Weight, and a QR Code that Submits a Form to Remove an Item from Inventory?

To create an app script that generates a label with a name, weight, and QR Code and submits a form to remove an item from inventory, you can follow these steps.

How to Change the Gradient Color of the QR Code Image Generated by Python's Module QR Code?

The qrcode module in Python generates QR Codes with a default gradient color. However, you can change the gradient color of the QR Code image by using the ImageColor and Image modules from the Python Imaging Library (PIL).

Barcode Technology Makes Our Life Easier

Barcodes are used in many more surprising and interesting ways. And you will know why barcode plays important role in our daily life and makes our life easier.

Is It a Fake If the Product Barcode Unrecognized?

Will it be a fake if the barcode cannot be scanned and recognized? Not really. It only means that this product has not been recognized by the general public.

The Application Prospect of Barcode Reader SDK

The Barcode Reader SDK allows developers to incorporate barcode scanning functionality into their applications, making it easier for businesses to process and manage large amounts of data in a quick and efficient manner.