Hot FAQs

Get your answers from the following frequently asked questions. Please contact us( if have any other questions.

1. How to choose a license?

We provide three licensing types for your web applications and client desktop applications deployment. And each license grants unlimited developers to develop unlimited applications.
* For a web application, it depends on the number of your target servers that your application will be deployed to. The Single License grants one server. The Team License grants up to 6 servers. The Enterprise License grants the unlimited server.
* For a single-user client application, the Enterprise License should be ordered. It grants unlimited developers to use the product to develop an unlimited number of single-user client applications deployed to an unlimited number of clients' desktop PCs.

License Explaination for BarcodeBC Products

Please note, for BC.NetBarcodeReader and BC.NetBarcodeGenerator, you can select a license plan first on this page and then choose the desired barcode type(s) option to finish your order online. In all, 5 barcode type(s) options are available for you.

2. Can I get a free package prior to purchasing?

Yes! We provide free trial packages for customers to evaluate. We strongly encourage developers to download and try our free trials prior to purchasing in order to ensure that they will fill your needs 100%. You can get all products' free trials on this page.

3. How long can I get free updates?

Free update is provided for one year. By ordering a product license, you will get a 1-year free subscription to software updates. Without a subscription, you can still use the purchased product version and get support, but you do not get new features or fixes. If you have a problem that requires a hotfix but do not have a current subscription, you will have to renew before you can benefit from the fix.

You can renew your subscription by contacting us at any time. The annual subscription is 40% of the purchased license price.

4. Is it secure to order a product via your website?

It is 100% secure to purchase a product online. The payment platform we utilize is FastSpring, which is one of the most trusted e-commerce companies in the world. Online order is given in USD, supporting other currencies. Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank Wire Transfers, Check or Money Orders, Purchase Orders, Amazon Payments, and certain Real-Time Bank Transfers are supported. Your order will be processed immediately in almost all cases and the product is sent automatically together with the order confirmation.

If you meet any problem while purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5. Do you accept a refund?

We encourage customers to completely test our products' trials to see if they meet the expectations before making the purchase decision. We are highly confident in our products and support services. So, we strongly suggest you contact our support team for help first with the detailed problem description. However, if you decided to refund finally, please request a refund by sending an email to us within 35 days of purchasing a license.