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Have you ever talked about barcoded technology? If so, maybe the first thing you think of is how convenient for you to pay. I guess many people still don’t know the advantages of barcodes even though they appear everywhere in our life.

I wonder what will you think of barcode technology? Maybe, words like a retailer, healthcare, or manufacturer will come into your mind at the moment. However, the usage of barcode technology is much more than these, not simply for tracking or management. The value of barcode technology makes our life easier. It continues to be used in more and more efficient, creative, and innovative ways.

In this article, you will see how barcodes are used in many more surprising and interesting ways. And you will know why it plays important role in our daily life and makes our life easier.

1. Easier Shopping

Nowadays, barcode technology is widely used in shopping. Programmers make full use of barcode scanning technology and apply it to mobile devices. They design efficient barcode scanner software that can help shoppers quickly check product information such as production date, origin, ingredients, manufacturer, shelf life, etc. In the past, you may cost a big-time on waiting to pay. But now, you can even purchase products within seconds. Now, consumers are relying heavily on barcode scanner technology. It makes shopping more efficient and convenient indeed.

2. Easier Booking

In the past, you must go to the ticket window of the designated place to buy tickets for events, such as trains, airplanes, concerts, exhibitions, dramas, etc. And you will spend a lot of time getting the ticket. And you still need to wait for a long time to check-in because the ticket inspector will manually check the ticket information. Now, barcode technology has greatly improved the ticket booking and checking work. You can directly book almost all kinds of tickets for your events. And you can quickly check-in for the event and enjoy it. There’s no need for the ticket inspector to check your information and the number of people. Simply scan the barcode with barcode scanner software, it works.

In turn, advertisers also get benefits from barcode technology. With the help of barcode scanner technology, they can reach out to customers in a more efficient and interactive way. For example, advertisers may provide discounts for online orders and customers can get discounts by scanning the barcode on a TV advertisement for live booking. Both advertisers and buyers get benefits from barcode technology.

3. Architecture and Art

One of the most innovative usages of barcode technology I know is for art and architecture. You may have seen barcodes on books, food, and packages. But you may not see a building shaped by a barcode. Architects in Russia inspired by barcode technology and created interesting buildings shaped with EAN and UPC barcode symbology. This is actually a pretty creative thought. Moreover, artists created chandeliers, T-shirts, and cakes that are inspired by linear and 2d barcodes (like QR Code).

4. Prevent Illegal Logging

You may be wondering why barcode technology has to do with logging. It does! Barcode technology can help to keep tracking of trees and then prevent illegally sourced logs. Legal logs will be hammered with barcode tags. And then they will be tracked and checked to see whether it is through the legal supply chain. Logs with no such barcode tags will be regarded as illegal. This will help forest managers to manage to log. Certainly, barcode technology cannot avoid all illegal logging. But it does play an important role in forestry practices.

5. Recycling

The application of barcode technology to recycling is a very creative and meaningful idea. It can mobilize everyone to participate in the environmental protection activities of recycling waste materials. The non-profit organization RecycleBank implemented an environmental incentive program. It encourages people to throw waste items that can be recycled into the recycling bin. When the recycling bin is picked up by the recycling truck, it will automatically scan and recognize the embedded barcode. The recycled waste items will be converted into corresponding value/money. These values will be returned to the families or individuals who participate in this environmental protection activity.

6. Healthcare

Have you ever thought that barcode technology can be used to save lives? It is true. The healthcare industry has adopted barcodes in almost every aspect of its supply chain. Barcode technology makes the operation of the medical industry more convenient and efficient.

Now, it has been used in hospital pathology laboratories. You may ask, why can barcodes be used in hospital pathology laboratories? The answer is simple. Once a laboratory sample is incorrectly labeled, it may lead to wrong test results, which can give rise to errors in medication and treatment. Barcode technology can not only be used to manage the medication of patients and provide patients with the best quality care but also help to release the burden of medical staff.

The above aspects are only some of the creative and useful applications of barcodes. If you are interested in this or have creative thoughts to implement barcodes, please share with us.