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How to C# Read and Scan Barcode from PDF File
My answer is to use BC.NetPdfBarcodeReader library.

How to C# Read Barcode from PDF

Nowadays, barcode scanner technology is very mature, but most of them are read and scan barcodes from images/pictures. Sometimes you may need to be read and scan barcodes from other different carriers. For instance, how to quickly and accurately scan barcodes from PDF files or read barcodes from specified pages of PDF in C# and VB.NET platform languages? My answer is to use BC.NetPdfBarcodeReader.


BC.NetPdfBarcodeReader library can read and scan linear barcodes and 2d barcodes from PDF documents quickly, efficiently, and accurately. BC.NetPdfBarcodeReader library supports many types of barcode recognition with simple interface calls in C# programming projects. Quite convenient and effective!

Main Functions and Features

1. BC.NetPdfBarcodeReader supports efficient C# PDF barcode scanning and reading of almost all common types of linear barcodes and 2d barcodes with high accuracy.
2. BC.NetPdfBarcodeReader supports reading and scanning barcode data from PDF files and PDF pages.
3. BC.NetPdfBarcodeReader uses a variety of image optimization and correction algorithms. It supports reading incomplete, defaced, and fuzzy barcodes. Efficiently and accurately scan and recognize barcodes in C# programming.
4. Simple and easy to use. Only a few lines of setting code, such as setting the position of the barcode, to facilitate barcode reading. And one line of C# code can complete the operation.
5. Support multiple PDF barcode scanning methods, such as scanning and reading a single barcode on a single-page PDF file, multiple barcodes on a single page, and the same type of barcode in a multi-page PDF file, as well as reading multiple barcodes of different types form multiple pages.
6. Support loading PDF document from a local PDF file or a stream.

Its trial version can be used for free. And the barcode recognition function is the same as the official version, except that the first output data of the trial version is "BC.Trial". You can enjoy all the complete functions of BC.NetPdfBarcodeReader by purchasing the official version license.

Method Called

You can open the help file of BC.NetPdfBarcodeReader, read it carefully and understand the method to call. We also provide a c# code example for your reference.

How to C# Scan Barcode from PDF File

 //Read different types of barcodes from one page of PDF file
 public static void ReadMultipleBarcodeTypesFromOnePdfPage()
               //Load PDF document
               PdfDoc pdf = new PdfDoc("test.pdf");
               //Set the DPI value of converting PDF documents into images
               pdf.SetDPI =72;
               //PDF is converted to image, and set the coordinate range
               Image pageImage = pdf.ConvertToImage(0, 2500, 1000);
               //Reload as Bitmap form
               Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(pageImage);
               //Read the Code128 barcode and display the result
               string[] data = NetPdfBarcodeReader.Recognize(bitmap, NetPdfBarcodeReader.Code128);

               foreach (string result in data)
               //Read Qrcode barcode and display the result
               string[] data1 = NetPdfBarcodeReader.Recognize(bitmap, NetPdfBarcodeReader.Qrcode);
               foreach (string result in data1)

The whole process is quite simple. In the process of c# PDF barcode reading, the step of converting the PDF file into an image is an intermediate process running in the background and will not be executed in the front end. Its execution speed is very fast without any delay or lag.

If you want to read barcodes from pdf faster and more accurately, setting the conversion position is particularly important. The scanning method includes scanning layer by layer, or scanning from the upper left corner and lower right corner of the page to the middle at the same time. So, the kernel will automatically be based on the position Determine which scanning method is better to achieve a better c# PDF barcode reading effect.


BC.NetPdfBarcodeReader is suitable for C#/VB.NET developers or programmers. It is widely used in all walks of life and is cost-effective. You can quote this .net library file into your own projects or integrate it into the programs of handheld scanning devices to realize high-efficiency office work or improve the speed of logistics data management. If you want to read QR Code from pdf file in VB.NET & C#, you may click to see the online guide.

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