BC.NetBarcodeReader.Pdf417 is a professional PDF417 barcode reader sdk specially designed for .NET developers to recognize and read PDF417 barcodes from image files. C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET developers can easily embed highly accurate PDF417 barcode reader functionality in their .NET C#/VB.NET web and windows applications. For all 2D and 1D barcodes reading, please see BC.NetBarcodeReader.All.


Why Is It Special

Barcode Symbologies

Recognize and read 2D barcode symbology PDF417 from image files for various .NET, C#, VB.NET & ASP.NET web applications.

Image Source Types

Support reading PDF417 barcode from images file formats like Png, Jpg, Jpeg, Tiff, Bmp, and Gif. Multi-page Tiff image file is also supported.

Effective Recognition

Accurately scan and read PDF417 barcode at fast speed. Also support reading multiple PDF-417 symbologies from a loaded image source.


Windows Systems
32-bit or 64-bit
.NET Framework 2.0+
C#, VB.NET Languages
Visual Studio 2005+

Projects Support

.NET Web Service
ASP.NET Website
.NET Windows Forms Application
.NET Class Library
.NET Console Application

Full Evaluation

Provide a free trial for customers to fully test our .NET PDF417 barcode reader sdk without time limitation. Free demo is included in the trial .zip file as an example of usage

Download Free Trial Now!

.NET PDF417 Reader SDK Trial Limitation: the first character of PDF417 data will be recognized as "BC.Trial".

Price List

We offer three license types for ordering our BC.NetBarcodeReader.Pdf417. Please select a license type, move on to choose an order option based on what barcode type(s) you need for your applications, and finish your order online (via FastSpring). For PDF417 reading, you can choose from "One 2D Barcode", "2D Barcodes" and "All Barcodes" options.

Single License


* One Server Deployment *

Unlimited Developers

Unlimited Applications

One Year Update

24/7 Support

Team License


* Up to 6 Servers Deployment *

Unlimited Developers

Unlimited Applications

One Year Update

24/7 Support

Enterprise License


* Unlimited Server Deployment *

* Unlimited Client Application Deployment *

Unlimited Developers

Unlimited Applications

One Year Update & 24/7 Support

“We have been using BarcodeBC reader library in our software for one year now, and we appreciated its stability, usability, and support. We are happy to recommend it to other software developers.”

Larry Brown


“BC.NetBarcodeGenerator library has made our development easier and its performance is excellent. The price is very affordable, the support is what makes the license worth its price! Good Work.”

Matt Hirsch


“We already saved up to 55% in code time, great and excellent barcode reader SDK! Why waste hours rewriting controls when you can save a lot of code time. Thanks to BarcodeBC for a great product!”

Tony Hayat


BC.NetBarcodeReader.All Testimonial
BC.NetBarcodeReader.All Testimonial
BC.NetBarcodeReader.All Testimonial

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